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CELEBRATION UPDATE – NOVEMBER 26th , 27th and 28th 2021

Your reunion Committee are making preparations for the delayed bicentennial celebration of the arrival to Van Diemens Land of our ancestor John Headlam and his family on 27th November 1820.

Please eMail reunion2020@headlam.com.au, with details if you are going to attend, we, realy need some commitment to organise venues, food etc.


Our present plans and ideas are listed below. Feel free to comment on any aspect of our plans and itinerary.

  1. The committee propose an informal days activity on Saturday 27th November 2021. The day is designed primarily for the Headlam family members to congregate, meet and enjoy their known and as yet unknown relatives, in the environs once settled and lived in by John Headlam and his children.
  2. Because of the unknown impacts of Covid-19 restrictions on the activities of the day numbers of participants may be controlled by government requirements and/or lockdowns throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The committee therefore are requesting that intending participants at the Friday 26th evening drinks and canapes and the Saturday 27th tour register their intention to attend. You can register by email, website or Facebook. Covid restrictions may apply to numbers so those of you who registered for the previous 2020 activities will get priority and then” first in first dressed”. You must RE register to be included.

  1. The Book…”the Legacy of John Headlam of Egleston, Macquarie River, Tasmania” has been printed and is in a queue awaiting freight and delivery from China. Unfortunately this wait time is unknown but we are hoping we should receive the books within a month.

There have been increased costs to publication and the committee has decided that the sale price be increased from $70 to $75 per book with any delivery costs to be additional. For those who have already prepaid for their book the price to them will remain as that paid.

  1. Money…The committee has decided, because of the difficulties of refunding or crediting pre payments made for the 2020 reunion, that all monies prepaid will be refunded except for book purchases. To facilitate the refund of the balance paid we require your bank account details for transfer, you may do this when registering your intention to participate in the celebration. We will advise you of this process when the have committee have it sorted.

Expenses incurred for bus fares, food and drinks during the bicentennial celebration weekend will need to be paid by the participants at the time, we will endeavour to make this process as seamless as possible.

We understand that if you require accommodation that Sebel are honouring their previous arrangements and discounts, as (may be) Vaucluse. It will be up to you to book and pay.

  1. Itinerary…We are considering having a more formal and welcoming occasion on the evening of Friday 26th November, possibly at Sebel in Launceston, however (if at this venue) Covid participant numbers will apply, 80 to 90 people only with a cost of $100 for drinks ,cocktails, and canapes. Registration and prepayment is likely to be required.

A less formal arrangement for the Saturday 27th November is to include:-

Kirklands Church (near Campbelltown and Egleston) where a Covid numbers limited service can be attended by those who wish and/or viewing of the many memorial grave stones of John Headlam and past generations of Headlams. Arrival by bus from Launceston or own car at 9.45am.

Egleston homestead for viewing of John Headlam’s and children’s home, outbuilding and garden. Here we will have a group photo and enjoy a celebratory drink etc. Arrival by bus or own car at 11am Departure at 12.30pm.

Vaucluse homestead….For lunch with drinks. Arrival by car or bus 1pm to 1.30pm, departure at your leisure.

Conara Church…. Built by John (Son of John, Sr) and Julia Headlam, former owners of Vaucluse, to view stained glass window and cemetery at your leisure.

We intend to organise food and drinks at Egleston and Vaucluse, to be paid for at the time. The committee suggest that participants use the bus which will enable more time for communication and chat, and likely location commentary, especially if you are likely to be drinking alcohol.

Sunday 28th…..

Visit by car or (depending on demand) a bus to Lowes Park, home and working farm of Ian and Margaret Headlam and their sons. Possible visit to Woodbury House, owned by Charles Headlam (son of John, Sr), then John Headlam and much later Maurice and his son Peter Headlam.

Oatlands Cemetery….The Anglican Church has a vast number of graves of more recent descendants in the small but historically valuable town of Oatlands.

Depending on the number of registrants for the Sunday a light lunch with drinks may be organised, to be paid for at the time.

Conclusion of the Headlam Family reunion and celebration.

Peter Headlam (convenor)

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