We welcome any contributions about Headlam descendants in Australia or New Zealand. If you have documents, photos etc. you can contribute, it would be most appreciated.

We are collating and improving the Headlam Family tree.


 You will find an Excel form into which you can enter details of your family. Type your names, dates and comments into the spreadsheet.

This information will be compiled into a database Headlam Family Tree with your details, as submitted . The information will be part of the compendium available to participants at the bicentennial celebration.


PLEASE ADD NOTES/COMMENTS FOR YOURSELF, CHILDREN, PARENTS, GRANDPARENTS, SIBLINGS as a minimum perhaps anything you might know of importance, that should be included in the book, The Headlam Legacy. This might include information for 4th generation.

If you need help, you can ring Nigel Headlam on 0428 453 339 or Peter Headlam on 0419 560 143.

Examples and Templates :- Click on Underlined

Headlam-Family-Tree-PJHExcel File example only.

You might not have the information to be able to complete all parts of the family tree form (below) however please, at least, enter comments/notes on you, your father and mother , grandparents and your children. 

We want every participant at the bicentennial celebration to be included in our distributed information.

Headlam FamilyTree SUBMISSION Excel Template for you to use. You can fill in this sheet on your computer, save the file, then submit it. Or you can print this form and fill in by hand.

You can up load below, or send to

Use form below to upload Excel spreadsheet-saved as XLS file, Gedcom exports and Docs as required.

Please up load your files here:
Make sure you save the Excel file as .xls, prior to uploading, this is the old excel format, that doesn't contain macros, this is for our protection (.doc, .txt, .ged files also acepted)