Headlam Bicentennial Celebration 2020


MS Word copy Headlam Bicentennial Celebration 2020

Friday 27th November until Tuesday 1st December

The committee has designed an itinerary that hopefully will be a wonderful celebration of the two hundred years of Headlam Activity in Tasmania and beyond.

The reunion begins with the gathering of the participants to meet, to be informed and to eat and drink at our Gala Dinner, the remaining days are for us to further our family connections by returning to places of immediate Headlam significance, seeing the properties previously owned by Headlams and to enjoy extending our friendships with our close and extended relations. 

The committee are making plans to have some sort of child’s entertainment on the tour days so that the whole family can participate in this celebration. Make every day a family day and bring your children along, whatever their age.

FRIDAY 27th November 2020

Arrival and Welcome Gala Dinner

Today the registered participants arrive, from near and far, to Launceston and check into their previously booked accommodation. There will be buses from the accommodation venues to Entally Estate, Hadspen leaving around 3.30pm.

On arrival participants will be issued with regalia which will identify them and signify their family branch etc and they will receive their payment identifier for their chosen and registered activities.

For those participants who have booked accommodation, their books and tour information will be available at their accommodation. For independent attendees, using their own accommodation and transport, their books and information will be available at this venue. Please allow time for this process to be achieved prior to the planned drinks and dinner.


The Main Event

Canapes and drinks, beer and wine, will be served at Entally House. This is scheduled to begin at 4.30pm. Registration procedures will be here.

The Welcome dinner is a stand-up dinner served so that people can mingle easily, reach out to unknown relations and enjoy those who are close to you or you have not seen for a while.

The Main Event Dinner will be held at Entally Lodge, which is close to, but separate from, Entally House. Buses will move us between sites.

The caterers ensure us the dishes presented will be scrumptious and satisfying and served with beer and wines. Spirits will be available to buy at the bar.

There will be the opportunity to trace your family ties, to bring family photos and artefacts and for those adventurous enough to create posters specific to your family branch.

Although this is to be the Main Event of the celebration we encourage all participants to attend at least one of the following day’s activities. This time is to cement relations, meet new connections and learn of or remember the activities of present and past Headlams.

Dress code for this event is JACKET and TIE

SATURDAY 28th November

Today we spend the day in the Macquarie River area, near Campbell Town, based at Egleston, the original land grant to John Headlam in 1821 and to which he moved, from Hobart, in 1824. Egleston became the home of Charles and his children, following his death in 1898 the property was bought from his trust by Alfred Hugginson Headlam, his son, who lived there before moving to Kombacy, in Launceston, in 1913. Egleston was then sold to John Nicholson and ultimately bought by Frank and Odile Foster who are our hosts today.

For those participants who have registered, and paid, for today’s bus trip to Egleston, buses will be leaving their accommodation at around 9.30am and travelling south to Ross, where they can explore the Headlam connections with this lovely colonial, Macquarie River town and to see properties  that were formally part of the Headlam legacy.

It is a short trip from here to where we can enjoy the beautiful surrounds and garden of Egleston.

A number of mobile food stalls will provide our lunches, a great selection of  Tasmanian  fare (not included in the package cost) will be available.

After time for more congeniality and searching for family connections and time for absorbing the sheer delight of the garden and surrounds we will bus back to Launceston. On the way we pass a number of previous Headlam properties and see the magnificence of the truly amazing agricultural landscape into which our forefathers arrived.

A brief stop at a modern advance, at Perth, will introduce (some of us) to the joys of a gin distillery. The night is then yours.

SUNDAY 29th November

Sunday seems to be the day to put aside time for churches and the like. But we also get to visit the truly magnificent (previously Headlam) properties of Vaucluse and Glen Esk.

The management of Vaucluse have offered us the chance to enjoy their recently developed homestead gardens and accommodation and catering venue. Yet to be confirmed, but our lunch may follow yesterday’s arrangement with food stalls but maybe Vaucluse will also be involved.

The accommodation will cater for 10 double, ensuite rooms and is reserved for our use over the period of the Bicentennial Celebration. This luxury accommodation is available now for booking and includes breakfast.

Our first stop is to be for a service at Kirklands Church, close to Campbell Town. For those of us who wish to attend,  the ceremony gives us the opportunity to share the memories of the lives and deaths of our predecessors in the place used over the centuries for worship and burial by many Headlam families. Kirklands is a small Presbyterian Church situated in a pleasant rural environment overlooking the beautiful Macquarie River. There are many tombstones to seek out and time for reflection on Headlams past.

At Conara , a small church, built by Robert Headlam of Vaucluse, has a stained glass window worthy of seeing to make the day unforgettable. The church and cemetery are being made available for us to visit  by the owner Steve Irons.

When our day of chat, food and conviviality is spent we will take the bus and adjourn once more to our luxurious accommodation and the restaurant of your choice to complete yet another fabulous Headlam experience. Maybe make your own arrangements to catch up with those participants who unfortunately need to leave us for work or get the kids back to school. We will miss them tomorrow!!

Monday 30th November

Today we are to travel further south and include the largest farm presently owned and managed by a Headlam family, Lowes Park at Woodbury, near Oatlands. We also will see additional properties owned, or leased, in the past by Headlams now gone.

Oatlands has been the centre for many Headlam enterprises, some of which we can view at the Oatlands History Centre, this is based in this magnificent historic Georgian town. For those of us who get pleasure from searching around graveyards the Anglican Church will thrill you. It is full of dead Headlams!

Today will be a really easy day, for conversations, to get what information you want and have missed, to walk (or not), to capture the essence of rural Tasmania and our, the Headlam’s role, in this marvellous State of ours.

The food vans that have fed us previously may be replaced by an even more enthusiastic group based from Hobart, but we will need to have numbers of participants to justify their presence. So when you book your tours, include the Oatlands area to complete your Headlam Bicentennary Celebration. Tomorrow is purely an optional tour for participants, based on a poll of suggestions taken over the previous days.

The buses will return to Launceston, and we will be open to suggestions of additional stops.

For those of you visiting Tasmania and staying on, we thank you for your presence and hope you have a safe, satisfying and memorable stay here in Tassie.

Tuesday 1st December

Today’s activities will be based on the desires of participants of our celebration. We will have a poll of possible activities for the day, held during the celebration.

There are people coming, with their families, from overseas……New Zealand, Sweden and Who Knows, and the Mainland. It is possible that we will organise a bus tour, somewhere in the North, taking in the touristy sites such as winery, craft beers, spirit distillery, gourmet foods, scenic sites or whatever appeals.

This might be an attractive alternative to hire cars or shared transportation.